WasteMate 240

The WasteMate 240 is the largest solar compacting smart waste bin and is powered completely self-sufficiently through a solar panel on top. This waste bin is very suitable for installation at busy locations with a peak load in a short time, for example on festival grounds or nearby football stadiums. The waste is compacted 5 to 8 times by the built-in baler. A built-in press compacts the waste as much as possible, and a sensor and GPS system together ensure efficient waste collection. Monitoring is done remotely by the CleanCityManager platform. 
The solid construction of the wast compacting smart bin makes it highly resistant to vandalism. The throw-in hatch can be closed remotely for safety reasons. 

Significant reduction in collection costs

Online monitoring via portal or app, anywhere and anytime

Reduction of CO2 emissions through efficient waste collection

Vandal-proof due to 2 mm metal housing

Insert without touching by means of a foot pedal

For standard 240 liter wheelie bin

Door and body
Powdercoated steel 2 mm
Hopper assembly
Stainless Steel 316 2 mm
Stainless Steel 304 3mm
Galvanized steel 8 mm
1.630 mm
Width incl. hinge
690 mm
810 mm
Throw-in height
1.300 mm
Throw-in width
385 mm
Drop-in opening “open hatch”
385 x 140 mm
Drop-in opening “closed hatch”
385 x 125 mm
Weight without wheelie bin
185 kg
Content wheelie bin
240 litre
Technical specifications
Compactor type
Electric linear press
Battery type
12V, 40Ah gel
Number of batteries
System power
Compression ratio (waste)
> 5x (1.200 litre)
Compression ratio (fast food)
> 8x (1.920 litre)
Data connection
2G / 3G / 4G
Data portal
Solar panel capacity


Solar panel

LED filling level indicator

Fill level sensor

Keyless (RFID) door control

Blue LED light during the night

GPS positionering

Remote (un)lock control

Choice between closed and open hatch

Installation and lifting set

CleanCityManager, first year free

Soft close hopper system


1.8 Liter ashtray set (stainless steel)

Sound system to thank the user of the bin

Second LED filling level on back

Wheelie bin 240 litre HDPE, EN840-1

RAL colour of choice > 10 pieces

RFID Collector and Lock pass

Hatch with soft close system

Application Programming Interface (API)

CleanCityManager, extension

Sticker or wrap for more visibility

Concrete foundation 600 x 600 x 200 mm, 172,8 kg

Galvanized foundation plate 985 x 960 x 12 mm, 90 kg

Anti-graffiti coating

Parts in stainless steel 304 of 316

Service and installation agreement

Closed hatch in combination with foot pedal

Additional options

CleanCityManager (CCM) is the software behind the WasteMates. It is a cloud-based platform which monitors the WasteMates remotely. Read more about the software That makes the WasteMates very smart.
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