Our customers are given a wide range of options to customize their WasteMate(s).  They are not only able to change the appearance of their WasteMate(s) but can also choose between a wide variety of options like a sound module, an ashtray and more.

Not in dark grey?

The standard version of the WasteMate is supplied in dark gray. Customers can choose a different color or a full color wrap.
The surface of the WasteMate can be used as an advertisement or information spot.

If you order more than 10 WasteMates you can choose your own RAL-color.

Choose for a full color wrap with the city or company logo, advertisement or signage.

Use stickers to give extra information.

Choose for panels on the side of the WasteMate which can be used for advertisements and  changed very easy.

Would you like more information or a quote?

Don't hesitate and contact us by e-mail or telephone. 

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