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Fight litter and reduce collecting costs. Discover how our smart solutions and sustainable solar compacting bins can help you.

Waste compacting solar smart bin

Is litter becoming a real problem for you? Not with our solar powered wastebins, the WasteMates.  He will thank every user with a spoken phrase or sound. He also compacts the waste so that it needs to be emptied less often and automatically reports it when he needs to be emptied.

Our solar powered smart wastebins deal with litter, dirty environments and vermin. The litter cans consist modern and sustainable technology which make collecting litter a piece of cake.

Our WasteMate will tell you how he works and what makes him so unique.

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Sustainable and circular

Works on solar energy, reduces CO2-emission and modular construction

Reduces Costs

The waste is compact by a built-in press. This means it has to be emptied less often. That saves time and money

Smart System

CleanCityManager, an app and a portal that provides remote insight into the status of the waste bins. When a wheely bin is almost full, only then empty it. That saves unnecessary rides


The WasteMate can be opened with a foot pedal, so touching is not necessary

Video and brochure

Would you like to know more about the working and benefits of a solar powered smart wastebin? Take a minute and watch our video. You can also download our free brochure.

Our compacting smart wastebins are able to work independent and are fully powered with a solarpanel. They are build with strong materials which makes them almost indestructible. That's why the WasteMate is the perfect solution for crowded places.
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12 October 2022
The City of Stockholm working smart with our smart solar compacting bins!

Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden. It covers an area of 188 km² and belongs to Stockholm County. The entire greater Stockholm region has more than 2.4 million inhabitants. Because of the many (large) waters in the […]

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16 June 2022
Rising costs for waste collection, we like to think along!

Het is altijd een goed idee geweest om een route onder de loep te nemen om te zien of de frequentie van lediging o It has always been a good idea to scrutinize a route to see if the frequency […]

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20 December 2021
Meet Procomat at IFAT

One of the largest environmental technology trade shows in the world, IFAT, is scheduled for May and June 2022. As the largest platform for water, sewage, waste and resource management, IFAT brings companies in this industry together. Procomat will be […]

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