About us

Procomat B.V. is a company located in The Netherlands. Our mission is to get rid of litter by making the waste collection system easier, more efficient and sustainable. Our team has many things to offer and has much experience in electronics, production and marketing.


The dutch government strives to have a 100% circular economy in 2050. 

Procomat B.V. shares this goal and tries to contribute as much as possible by recycling materials, reducing emissions and reducing waste.

We took our responsibility by writing it down in our business plan and ISO9001-certificate where all values are defined.

Already realised:

80% of our suppliers are located within 20 kilometers 

Every material we use is 100% recyclable

We minimalize the usage of raw materials 

If possible we disassemble old machines and re-use parts 

We designed the WasteMates with keeping recycling in mind

WasteMates are built modular. This allows us to replace only broken parts

Seperatation of waste is among the options in the WasteMate

Environmentally friendly transport partners

Would you like more information or a quote?

Don't hesitate and contact us by e-mail or telephone. 

Contact details

De Donge 2b
5684 PX Best
The Netherlands
+31 499 747 004
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