AD: Talking waste bin in Tilburg should prevent litter!

Source: AD - Zamire Willems 28 Mar. 2021

TILBURG | Throwing away waste has never been so much fun! A talking waste bin has recently been installed in Tilburg in the Netherlands, which you personally thanks or applauds when you use it. Sixth-group members of elementary School nearby lent their cheerful voices to the very first Tilburg 'Holle Bolle Gijs'.

“People are going to throw more things away because it is interesting now. I also think that everyone will look around a lot more to see if there is something they can throw away, ” says Eva (9). Just like her classmates, the sixth group thinks that the talking trash can contribute to less litter on the street and in all waters in the district. Because the neighborhood geese, ducks and fish also deserve to swim around in clean water, according to the youngest residents. "And no gulls can get into this waste bin, they make a mess," says Finn (10), who appreciates the "personal attention" of the talking waste bin.

As the children test the talking trash can one by one, loud cheers can be heard when they recognize the voice of a classmate. When there is suddenly applause from the box, everyone claps happily. Spontaneously, the children start to roam the square in search of litter. Something that Angy (9) already predicted: ,, With other waste bins you see plastic, cans and paper lying on the floor, but not with this one. People are cleaning it up now, because they want to hear the little voice of the trash can. ”

"Holle Bolle Gijs"
The fact that "Holle Bolle Gijs" stimulates visitors to the shopping plaza in a playful way to keep the area clean, is clear to the children of elementary School De Fonkel. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement in children's eyes. Muhammed (10): ,, I thought it would be something like in fun park Efteling, that the waste bin would look like Holle Bolle Gijs. I first walked past it three times and then I saw it. ” His classmates nod in agreement and soon the childish fantasy takes over. "More bins must be installed to separate waste!" “And more colors, nice shapes and even more nice voices”, classmates add.

In June, the municipality of Tilburg will evaluate whether a talking waste bin generates more waste, and therefore counteracts litter. If the trial is successful, the municipality wants to provide all major waste bins in Tilburg with a vote in the long term.

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