Rising costs for waste collection, we like to think along!

Het is altijd een goed idee geweest om een route onder de loep te nemen om te zien of de frequentie van lediging o

It has always been a good idea to scrutinize a route to see if the frequency of emptying can be reduced. With current reports of rising costs due to high fuel prices and pressure on the entire supply chain, now is the perfect time to explore how a solar-powered press waste bin can help you.

By looking at which waste bins put pressure on the route in addition to standard route optimization, it can often be immediately determined where profit can be made.

Procomat has been advising for years to determine these busy waste hotspots using a baseline measurement. A somewhat older publication that can help with this is the 2018 edition of RWS 'optimization of waste bins in public space''. By replacing the waste bin in busy places with one of our above-ground solar-powered press waste bins, routes can only be really optimised. Our system works completely autonomously and has a simple installation that requires little or no special preparation, the waste will be compressed so that 5 to 7 times more waste can be collected.

In this decade of energy transition it will become increasingly important to work data-driven, our waste bins can offer the solution for this. Empty when necessary based on a pre-adjustable filling level, not by means of a fixed route.

By compacting the waste, up to 70% can be saved on emptying costs. An additional advantage is that fewer emissions are caused as a result, especially because the frequent braking and acceleration will be many times less over an entire route. Due to the increased capacity, you need to drive less often. From a circular point of view, it is important to know that the bins are designed to minimize the impact on the environment from design to recycling status. The built-in sensors transmit data via a network of secure servers, such as fill level, battery status, solar energy production and the number of inserts. This data provides information about the current situation, but also about historical performance. By making smart use of this information, waste collection is increasingly optimized, which can result in significant cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Investigate together whether it can also be a solution for your municipality and location?

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