Shopping centers and supermarkets

A clean environment, customer service and recognizability are important for both shopping centres and supermarkets. The WasteMate is customer friendly, customable and can reduce alot of costs. 
Benefits of your WasteMate in Shoppingcentres and supermarkets

Cost reduction

Litter free shopping centres and supermarkets 

Make your WasteMate stand out with your own logo, advertisement or color

The optional sound module enables your WasteMate to play a sound which makes throwing away trash more fun! 

Connectable to 220v 

Doesn't attract vermin 

Would you like more information or a quote?

Don't hesitate and contact us by e-mail or telephone. 

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The WasteMate 240 is the largest solar compacting bin. It's a smart waste bin with a built-in press and is powered completely self-sufficiently through a solar panel on top.

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CleanCityManager (CCM) is the software behind the WasteMates. It is a cloud-based platform which monitors the WasteMates remotely.

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