Danish sponsor concept with our smart waste bin

Via our distributor ZENZO is ECO Change very active with waste in public spaces in city's. They have developed a sustainable sponsorship concept with our smart waste bins, the WasteMates .

About ECO Change Denmark

ECO Change Denmark provides municipalities with sustainable total solutions to achieve the UN's global goals. In addition, they offer the opportunity to make local companies visible in the public space. Curious how you, as a municipality, can implement waste sorting in a sustainable way and at the same time save money on the purchase and operation of new waste bins?

What does the Danish sponsor concept entail?

The Danish sponsor concept consists of printing or wrapping the waste bin, giving it its own sound during use, communication via app and website and all handling. In this way a municipality saves money on both the purchase and operation of new containers. The concept has the following goals and benefits:

- Visibility and extra attention value due to noise
- Always efficient emptying through the use of data
- Realization of the UN's World Goals
- Support for local companies
- Separate collection of recyclable and residual waste
- Green image, clean streetscape and reduction of litter

Smart waste bin operation

The smart waste bins have built-in sensors that automatically switch on the city cleaning when they are 80% full. This makes bulging waste bins a thing of the past. Furthermore, the containers are closed and therefore not accessible to birds, rats or other animals. But they are easy to open by people with a foot pedal and therefore even Corona-proof! Read more >>

Curious about how they approach it in Denmark? Check out their website

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