The City of Stockholm working smart with our smart solar compacting bins!

Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden. It covers an area of 188 km² and belongs to Stockholm County. The entire greater Stockholm region has more than 2.4 million inhabitants.

Because of the many (large) waters in the city, Stockholm is also called the "Venice of the North". The city is located in the archipelago, with 24,000 islands.

The City of Stockholm has signed a framework agreement with Irec Svenska AB within the Framework of public procurement. The agreement is valid for two years with the possibility of an extension of one + one year. The framework agreement covers 550 WasteMates. By placing the bins in busy locations the waste collection process can be highly optimized. This results in lower collection costs and less Co2 emissions.

We are proud of the great collaboration with our Swedish distributor: Irec!

Our smart WasteMate(s) are happy to help keep the city clean. We ensure less waste and more happy people on the street.

Do you also want to map out your waste collection and at the same time reduce costs and reduce emissions?

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Rising costs for waste collection, we like to think along!

Het is altijd een goed idee geweest om een route onder de loep te nemen om te zien of de frequentie van lediging o

It has always been a good idea to scrutinize a route to see if the frequency of emptying can be reduced. With current reports of rising costs due to high fuel prices and pressure on the entire supply chain, now is the perfect time to explore how a solar-powered press waste bin can help you.

By looking at which waste bins put pressure on the route in addition to standard route optimization, it can often be immediately determined where profit can be made.

Procomat has been advising for years to determine these busy waste hotspots using a baseline measurement. A somewhat older publication that can help with this is the 2018 edition of RWS 'optimization of waste bins in public space''. By replacing the waste bin in busy places with one of our above-ground solar-powered press waste bins, routes can only be really optimised. Our system works completely autonomously and has a simple installation that requires little or no special preparation, the waste will be compressed so that 5 to 7 times more waste can be collected.

In this decade of energy transition it will become increasingly important to work data-driven, our waste bins can offer the solution for this. Empty when necessary based on a pre-adjustable filling level, not by means of a fixed route.

By compacting the waste, up to 70% can be saved on emptying costs. An additional advantage is that fewer emissions are caused as a result, especially because the frequent braking and acceleration will be many times less over an entire route. Due to the increased capacity, you need to drive less often. From a circular point of view, it is important to know that the bins are designed to minimize the impact on the environment from design to recycling status. The built-in sensors transmit data via a network of secure servers, such as fill level, battery status, solar energy production and the number of inserts. This data provides information about the current situation, but also about historical performance. By making smart use of this information, waste collection is increasingly optimized, which can result in significant cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Investigate together whether it can also be a solution for your municipality and location?

Meet Procomat at IFAT

One of the largest environmental technology trade shows in the world, IFAT, is scheduled for May and June 2022. As the largest platform for water, sewage, waste and resource management, IFAT brings companies in this industry together. Procomat will be there with the WasteMates. Our sustainable and smart waste bins will be showed at our stand.

Location: Messe München

Date: May 30 to June 3, 2022

Stand: hall A5, stand 539

We look forward to meeting you at our stand!

WasteMates for Keila in Estonia

The first smart waste bins have been installed in the city of Keila in Estonia. It's great that another city is going to collect waste in a smart way. This reduces the costs of collection. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced and litter is reduced.

Two waste streams
The city has opted for another step in optimizing the collection of waste from public spaces. There are two WasteMates next to each other. One is for biological waste and the other for recyclable waste.

This order was created with our distributor isort. A second cargo will be headed to Keila shortly.


Albufeira chooses our smart Waste bins

On Friday, July 16, 2021, a number of smart waste bins that run on solar energy were installed in Praça dos Pescadores. These WasteMates were purchased by the Municipality of Albufeira through our distributor Hidromaster.

Source: click here

José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of the Portuguese Municipality of Albufeira, witnessed the installation of these smart waste bins.

"These press waste bins are easy to install, because they work autonomously on solar energy. The other big advantage is that it does not consume fossil energy, i.e. it does not contribute to CO2 emissions," the mayor described. The solar waste bins were installed on the same day in the center of Albufeira, Avenida Sá Carneiro and in the vicinity of the Paços do Concelho.

Many advantages
These bins have a press system, which increases their capacity and reduces the number of bins emptied. This saves CO2 emissions because less often has to be emptied. "It's an interactive device, because it lets us know what condition they are in, and avoid what nobody likes to see, which is the bins in public spaces full of packaging and other waste," he said.

"This is an innovative and groundbreaking solution, as this equipment is equipped with an artificial intelligence module that informs the municipal services via internet and SMS about the speed of waste accumulation, mobility and company status"

For the future
According to José Carlos Rolo, the placement of these waste bins in the city and villages is the future of the municipality of Albufeira. “At the moment it is an expensive purchase and these are not easy times, but the future is important. After all, by using the energy we have from the sun, this solution will translate not only into environmental benefits in the short term, but also into economic benefits. We focus on reducing the so-called ecological footprint and want to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure a healthy environment in Albufeira.”


New french distributor starts good with four orders

We are pleased to welcome Eticol, our new distributor for France. From the start of the collaboration, they focused directly on the sale of our smart waste bins. We have already been able to deliver to four cities. An order for the next city is in production and almost ready for transport.

Olivier Amigou, CEO of Eticol about the smart waste bins: "In France, the innovative and sustainable waste bin is a popular solution. Reducing litter on the many coasts and in parks is a major priority on the one hand. On the other hand, dealing efficiently with waste collection provides significant cost savings."

Eticol : L'équipe Procomat et les WasteMates vous souhaitent la bienvenue !

AD: Talking waste bin in Tilburg should prevent litter!

Source: AD - Zamire Willems 28 Mar. 2021

TILBURG | Throwing away waste has never been so much fun! A talking waste bin has recently been installed in Tilburg in the Netherlands, which you personally thanks or applauds when you use it. Sixth-group members of elementary School nearby lent their cheerful voices to the very first Tilburg 'Holle Bolle Gijs'.

“People are going to throw more things away because it is interesting now. I also think that everyone will look around a lot more to see if there is something they can throw away, ” says Eva (9). Just like her classmates, the sixth group thinks that the talking trash can contribute to less litter on the street and in all waters in the district. Because the neighborhood geese, ducks and fish also deserve to swim around in clean water, according to the youngest residents. "And no gulls can get into this waste bin, they make a mess," says Finn (10), who appreciates the "personal attention" of the talking waste bin.

As the children test the talking trash can one by one, loud cheers can be heard when they recognize the voice of a classmate. When there is suddenly applause from the box, everyone claps happily. Spontaneously, the children start to roam the square in search of litter. Something that Angy (9) already predicted: ,, With other waste bins you see plastic, cans and paper lying on the floor, but not with this one. People are cleaning it up now, because they want to hear the little voice of the trash can. ”

"Holle Bolle Gijs"
The fact that "Holle Bolle Gijs" stimulates visitors to the shopping plaza in a playful way to keep the area clean, is clear to the children of elementary School De Fonkel. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement in children's eyes. Muhammed (10): ,, I thought it would be something like in fun park Efteling, that the waste bin would look like Holle Bolle Gijs. I first walked past it three times and then I saw it. ” His classmates nod in agreement and soon the childish fantasy takes over. "More bins must be installed to separate waste!" “And more colors, nice shapes and even more nice voices”, classmates add.

In June, the municipality of Tilburg will evaluate whether a talking waste bin generates more waste, and therefore counteracts litter. If the trial is successful, the municipality wants to provide all major waste bins in Tilburg with a vote in the long term.

Would you like to know more?
Would you like to know more about the possibilities or about our project in Tilburg? Please contact us.

Hej! WasteMates in beautiful Mora

This month our Swedish distributor Irec installed smart bins on several places in Mora. The Swedish customer indicates that the installation went very well. They like the WasteMate very much and are very satisfied with the green wrap that makes the container stand out more. Tack!

Solution for littering
Smart waste bins run on solar energy, compress the waste and report when the bin is almost full. They help reduce litter and reduce emptying costs.

Something for you?
A smart waste bin in your municipality? Contact us and find out how you can save costs while reducing litter at the same time.

Our smart waste bins in Albignasego in Italy

Our new Italian distributor Spazio Verde has installed the first WasteMates in Albignasego. The smart waste bins are located on the central square in this city.

Spazio Verde already has a lot of experience with designing public spaces, such as installing furniture, playgrounds and waste bins. They are also good at providing services such as cleaning and maintenance. That makes them the ideal partner for our smart waste bins.

Daniele Schiavon, commercial director at Spazio Verde indicates that by adding the WasteMates to their portfolio, they will continue to make their solutions and services more sustainable.

Spazio Verde: benvenuti a Procomat!

Danish sponsor concept with our smart waste bin

Via our distributor ZENZO is ECO Change very active with waste in public spaces in city's. They have developed a sustainable sponsorship concept with our smart waste bins, the WasteMates .

About ECO Change Denmark

ECO Change Denmark provides municipalities with sustainable total solutions to achieve the UN's global goals. In addition, they offer the opportunity to make local companies visible in the public space. Curious how you, as a municipality, can implement waste sorting in a sustainable way and at the same time save money on the purchase and operation of new waste bins?

What does the Danish sponsor concept entail?

The Danish sponsor concept consists of printing or wrapping the waste bin, giving it its own sound during use, communication via app and website and all handling. In this way a municipality saves money on both the purchase and operation of new containers. The concept has the following goals and benefits:

- Visibility and extra attention value due to noise
- Always efficient emptying through the use of data
- Realization of the UN's World Goals
- Support for local companies
- Separate collection of recyclable and residual waste
- Green image, clean streetscape and reduction of litter

Smart waste bin operation

The smart waste bins have built-in sensors that automatically switch on the city cleaning when they are 80% full. This makes bulging waste bins a thing of the past. Furthermore, the containers are closed and therefore not accessible to birds, rats or other animals. But they are easy to open by people with a foot pedal and therefore even Corona-proof! Read more >>

Curious about how they approach it in Denmark? Check out their website